Presentation Opportunities:
The following are the presentation opportunities for the conference.
  1. Conference Presentations: Approximately 35 minutes per conference speaker inclusive of questions and answer.
  2. Half day tutorial.
  3. Full day tutorials


The submissions may be the following, but not limiting to:
  1. Test Concepts & the Testing Process
  2. Test Methods:
    1. White Box Testing
    2. Black Box Testing topics such as Functional Testing, Stress Testing, Load Testing, Exploratory Testing, Usability Testing, Recovery Testing, Scenario Testing etc.
    3. Grey Box Testing 
  3. Test Levels :
    1. Unit Testing
    2. Integration Testing
    3. System Testing
    4. System Integration Testing
    5. Regression Testing
    6. Acceptance Testing
    7. Alpha Testing
    8. Beta Testing
  4. Non Functional Testing
    1. Software performance Testing and Load Testing
    2. Stability Testing
    3. Usability Testing
    4. Security Testing
    5. Internationalization and localization
    6. Destructive Testing
  5. Testing Process
    1. Standard Testing Approach
    2. Agile Testing
  6. Testing Tools
    1. Concepts
    2. Tools
  7. Test Measurements
    1. Test Estimation
    2. Test Measurements and Metrics
  8. Test Management
    1. Test Strategy
    2. Software Test Management
    3. Managing the Testing Organization
    4. Outsourcing the Testing function


  1. 8th, January, 2010: Submission of “intent to present” accompanied by an abstract for the tutorial, workshop or conference presentation within 200 words, profile of the speaker and an e-photo.
  2. 18th January 2010: Confirmation by the organizers.
  3. 25th January 2010: Submission of the detailed tutorial, workshop outline or the presentation extract.
  4. 9th March 2010: Submission of the presentation slides

All submissions to be directed via email to


  1. All papers must be original papers
  2. All papers must be conceptual or technical papers. Papers on product, services features or sales related are not permitted.
  3. All submissions are required to in Microsoft Word format. The documents may not be password protected. 
  4. Each conference presentation abstract submission shall be accompanied with the following information:
    1. Paper or Presentation Abstract (not less than 200 words)
    2. Name, Profile, Experience and e-photo of the Paper Author
    3. Name, Profile, Experience and e-photo of the Paper Presenter
  5. Each tutorial or workshop presentation abstract submission shall be accompanied with the following information:
    1. Tutorial or Workshop Title
    2. Tutorial or Workshop Abstract/ Objectives
    3. Who should attend
    4. Detailed Tutorial/ Workshop Outline (detailed implies point by point coverage)
    5. Profile and e-photo of the Presenter
  6. Submission of Presentation Slides:
      1. One copy in MS PowerPoint for the presentation
        1. Presentation slides should be in light colored background and dark colored fonts.
      2. One copy is to be converted from MS PowerPoint to PDF Format with the following requirements:
        1. 2 slides per page in a Booklet Format
        2. Presentation slides should be in light colored background and dark colored fonts.
  7. The event organizers have the right to replace the short-listed presenters if he/she fails to submit the presentation extract and slides on or prior to the closing date.
  8. The presentation abstracts and the final presentations shall remain the copyrights of the author.
  9. Processworks shall be permitted to make duplication of the presentation and the tutorial slides for the attendees.
  10. The conference presenters would not be paid any honorarium, professional fees or expenses reimbursements for their contribution to the event.
  11. Overseas tutorial or workshop presenters (minimum of one day tutorial or workshop) would be paid economy class airfare and stay expenses.
  12. The final decision of acceptance of conference papers, tutorials and workshops shall be with the review committee.


  1. Preference would be given to papers that are case-studies based or paperas that share innovative or best practices.